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Folded Star Guide Stencil

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🌟 Have you always had trouble making Folded Star

🧵Easily make beautiful 8 point folded star blocks and more with this sewing tool.

This is the first folded star guide template tool to create a measurement method.

——Place the fabric at the same distance from each other and at the same distance from the center of the star to make a beautiful folded star.

Use a stencil to trace folded star hot pad foundations, create blocks in 5 sizes, draw perfect 45 and 90-degree angles, and easily space prairie points with a built-in ruler.

Very practical: Recyclable, no waste and save paper to protect the environment


  • Indelibly printed lines help you get accurate measurements.
  • Durable, won't bend or break easily. 
  • Transparent, allows you to work unimpeded.
You can do these cample

Here is what you need

Plum Easy Folded Star Pattern and Template (the patterns come with 1 template, and you can also get packs of 3 templates)

1 small square

4 small dark-colored squares turned into prairie points

8 large light-colored squares turned into prairie points

8 large dark-colored squares turned into prairie points

8 large light-colored squares turned into prairie points

glue stick

rotary cutter and ruler

steam iron(for making the prairie points)

Just prepare the origami paper beforehand

Place the first one on the layer 2 line on the 45-degree angle line.

Add some glue to the second prairie point and place it on the layer 2 line and the 90-degree angle line.

Continue adding glue to the corners of your prairie points and place them around the circle as pictured above.

For layer number 3, start in the same place as you did with layer number 2 and continue going around the circle adding all the prairie points.

Add layer number 4 the same way you added layer number 2 and 3.

Topstitch each section of your 8 points.

Use 4 scrap triangles larger than the corners and stitch right sides together. Then iron seams to one side as it is really thick.

Trim up your block with your rotary cutter and ruler and then you are all done! You can now make that into a potholder or keep going and make a pillow. :)

I quilted the pillow by topstitching around each star. This is one thick and comfy pillow!! :)


Material: PVC

Size: small-8in; medium-10in; large-15in

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